The Club is keen to provide opportunities to develop and enhance member’s tennis techniques, tactics, and match play skills whether you are an adult or junior, a beginner, an intermediate player, or a seasoned competitor.   The Club has a partnership with LoveSport who provide coaching services to the club and further details are available via the LoveSport website.

Lee Friend – LTA Level III Coach

Lee is the main club coach and has 22 years of experience of working in tennis and has a creative tennis teaching style and deep understanding of the learning process. His experience of nurturing grass roots tennis right through to more senior years has broadened Lee’s knowledge in many ways, from age and stage specific practice to different psychological challenges at different scenarios of the game of tennis.  Having two children of his own he understands the challenges of having a busy family life and appreciates that time spent having fun playing tennis is a vital tonic to life. As the founder of ‘LoveSport’ he is excited to bring this emerging sporting brand to deliver tennis at the Club and other exciting initiatives around Kent.  Tel 07590 731763   Email

Louise Hounsell – LTA Level II Coach

Louise specialises in junior coaching and is a member of the TTC committee.  Enthusiastic and energetic about all aspects of tennis, Louise blends fun with technical knowledge to ensure every learning opportunity is enjoyed. With two active children of her own, Louise’s caring and confident coaching style inspires juniors and improving players to perform to the very best of their ability, developing potential whilst ensuring maximum enjoyment. She is passionate about fitness and all her classes, whether group or individual, are delivered to optimise agility as well as enhancing playing progression.  Off court, Louise likes skiing as well as long sandy beaches and speaks fluent French.
Tel 07776 343382   Email

Adult Coaching

A regular club subsidised adult coaching session is held on Tuesday evenings from 7 pm to 8 pm throughout the year. These sessions are geared towards players of a beginner / intermediate standard, although all members are welcome to attend.

These club sessions are run by the Club Coach, Lee Friend.  Please contact Lee if you wish to participate.  The cost to members is £6 and places should be booked in advance on a weekly basis.

Lee also runs several coaching events for intermediate/advanced players and these can be group-based or one-to-one sessions.  Please contact Lee to arrange to join one of these group sessions or to arrange one-to-one coaching.  Further details are available on the LoveSport website.

Junior Coaching

The club actively welcomes juniors, whether as family members or as individuals and seeks to promote the development of tennis for juniors from the age of five upwards.  The club provides an environment that is safe and convenient and which helps with the child’s social development as well as fitness and tennis skills.

Coaching for junior members and prospective junior members is run by LoveSport.    Regular group coaching sessions are available to junior club members together with short courses and other junior focused tennis activities including half-term and summer camps.  There is also the opportunity for more advanced juniors to participate in competitions held at a variety of LTA registered centres.

Please contact Lee or Louise for further information or visit the LoveSport website.


Based in the garden of England, the founders of LoveSport have been sowing seeds of sporting talent since 2001. The success and development of children is measurable in many different ways and across many different walks of life. Enriching lives and athletic experience creates well rounded future-proof individuals, who are not afraid to have a character of their own.

Please click on the LoveSport logo to visit the LoveSport website.

Tips and Techniques

The following links are to websites with useful articles, videos, etc. on tips, techniques, and tactics, which members may find informative and helpful in developing their game.