Club History - Tournament Winners

The first club tournament took place on the August Bank Holiday in 1995 and has become an annual event in the club’s calendar with the main club tournament being held in September each year.  Winners of this mixed doubles tournament are presented with a silver salve engraved with the names of the winning pairs from 1995 up until the present day.  The following table lists the tournament winners for each year.

Year Tournament Winners
1995 Derek Swain and Tricia Wallis
1996 Max Penna and Audrey Goodworth
1997 Tony Piper and Audrey Goodworth
1998 Jack Tucker and Jane Humphrey
1999 Tim Livsey and Janet Smith
2000 Luke Penna and Sue Piper
2001 Steve Stowell and Sue Piper
2002 David Izzard and Audrey Goodworth
2003 Susanne Kirby and Ginny Walliker
2004 Jonathan Stowell and Ginny Walliker
2005 John Bennett and Sue Gilroy
2006 John Bennett and Mandy O'Callaghan
2007 John Bennett and Sue Gilroy
2008 Steve Moody and Sue Piper
2009 Steve Moody and Diana Scott
2010 Steve Moody and Lesley O'Connell
2011 Bruce Benge and Annette Eccott
2012 John Bennett and Gill Olke
2013 Tony Garrett and Janice McConnell
2014 Bruce Benge and Sue Piper
2015 Bill Russell and Fran Bennet
2016 George Fowler and Fran Bennett
2017 Andrew Shumacker and Sue Piper
2018 Mark Sheppard and Audrey Goodworth
2019 Dan Walker and Julia Smith