Kent LTA League

TTC actively participates in the Kent LTA leagues fielding ladies, mens, mixed, and veterans teams.  Player nominations for the LTA League Teams are determined by a selection sub-committee which runs an open, fair and merit based process for selection.  All members are encouraged to apply for selection, please contact the relevant selection sub-committee member.  Fixtures & results, League Rankings, and Match Reports are available from the options available below.

For details of the various teams in the LTA Kent League including fixtures, detailed results and analysis, please visit the LTA British Tennis tournament site by clicking on the LTA logo.

Team Captains

To assist visiting club team captains in finalising arrangements for league matches, the various Trottiscliffe team captains and their contact details are provided below.

Audrey Goodworth – Ladies 1 & MWk 60s
07799 643709

Sue Gilroy – Ladies 2
07552 414748

Jim Coffey – Mens 2 & Mixed 4
07392 430950

Simon Middelboe – Mens 1 & Mixed 1
07702 628889

Dick Hogbin – Mens Vets MWk 60s
07887 396918

Julia Smith – Mixed 2
07709 364483

Sue Piper – Mixed 3
07930 127117