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Evening Tennis Squads

The club organises regular weekday evening squads that run throughout the year and are open to all members.  These squads are made up from members electing to play on a particular evening and normally take the format of mixed doubles play.  The squads are organised using a rota system in the form of schedules for each evening which are published on a seasonal basis.  The rotas can be accessed by selecting the relevant link below, please note that this will open a new browser window.  Printed copies are also normally available on the noticeboard in the clubhouse.

Each squad has an organiser and these members coordinate the relevant sessions, they are responsible for tennis balls, lights, and ensuring that the evenings run smoothly.  If you wish to join one of the squads or to change your current schedule please contact John Bennett who coordinates the overall evening squads.

Court Booking

The club operates an online court availability and booking system.  Members can view club organised sessions, match dates, and any court bookings made by individual members. When booking a court please indicate whether one or two courts are required and add your name to the booking.  Should you need to modify or delete a booking please contact either Annette Eccott or Dick Hogbin.

Please note that members should not make bookings for more than four weeks in advance so as to ensure fair court availability to all members. Any bookings made that do not comply may be removed.  The court booking system may be accessed by clicking the link below.

Member Directory

Member’s details are securely stored according to the club’s Data Protection Policy, this policy is available to view on the ‘Policies’ page.  To facilitate members contacting each other for tennis related activities, selected contact details are available by clicking on the ‘Member Directory’ button below.
Note: this data is designed for members use only and should not be disclosed to non-members or third parties and may not used for any commercial or marketing purposes. 

League Team Nominations

The Club fields several teams in the Kent LTA Leagues for both Winter and Summer seasons.  Team player nominations are made by a selection sub-committee and members are encouraged to contact the sub-committee if they wish to play competitive tennis in the league teams.
Tricia Wallis chairs the selection sub-committee which comprises Sue Piper, Jim Coffey and Claire Fraser.  The selection sub-committee’s individual contact details are available in the ‘Member Directory’ on this page of the website.

Club Documents

The following Club documents are available for members to view.  These documents are for Club members only, general policies that apply to members, visitors, guests, coaches, etc are available via the ‘Policies’ page which can be accessed via the main menu.

Racquet Restringing

Coaching and related services are provided by LoveSport.   Both standard and tailored racquet restringing options are available and Club members are entitled to a 10% discount

Please click on the LoveSport logo for restringing services.

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