Court Closure (27 March 2020)
The Parish Council is the leaseholder for the courts and has overall authority over their use.  As principal users of the courts the Club has been informed that the courts are now closed for any activity until further notice.  The Club Committee are sure that all members recognise the need to prevent any possibility of infection and wish all members the very best of health in these difficult times.

General Update (24 March 2020)
Following Government information issued on 23 March 2020, the following restrictions apply to tennis activity at the Club:

  • The clubhouse is closed and should not be used (except in an emergency – e.g. access to the defibrillator)
  • No group activity is permitted.
  • Membership applications are suspended.
  • Public bookings are suspended.
  • Two members from the same household may book the courts to play tennis on the basis that the session is classified as their exercise activity for the day in question.
  • Please follow Government guidelines on the prevention of infection and wash your hands thoroughly at home before and after attending the tennis courts.

Club Organised Events (23 March 2020)
As of today (Monday 23 March 2020) all club organised events are postponed until further notice.  The courts are still open to members but subject to previously published restrictions and guidelines.  Should members wish to play in small groups then this activity is at their own risk and will need to be coordinated and managed by a responsible member.  Further precautions are currently being considered by the club committee and further restrictions may be imposed as a result of Government advice and regulations.

Juniors (22 March 2020)
Red and Orange ball sessions are cancelled.  Yellow Ball sessions are continuing but with social distancing restrictions.  Please visit the LoveSport website for further details.

General Update (17 March 2020)
With the increasing severity of the Covid-19 outbreak, the following measures have been agreed by the Club’s Management Committee. Further information will be made available should advice and information from the LTA or Government regulations/restrictions change.  The latest Government guidance and information regarding Covid-19 can be found via the following link:
Government Coronavirus information for the public

The club remains open to members but all players should observe the following:

  • If you have symptoms of the Coronavirus or if you been in close contact with someone with the virus in the UK or abroad you should self isolate and not attend the courts.
  • Access to the clubhouse is restricted to committee members, organisers, and coaches, and should only be used by players in urgent circumstances.
  • Please wash your hands thoroughly at home before and after attending the tennis courts or alternatively use a hand sanitiser before and after play.
  • Keep a reasonable distance between players and avoid physical contact (e.g. no handshakes, etc)

Evening Rotas
Based upon the advice and opinion of the individual evening squad organisers, Monday and Friday squads will continue until further notice, however, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday squads will not be organised by the club and are consequently suspended. Should members wish to continue to play on these evenings then coordination arrangements will need to be made by the relevant squad members on these particular evenings.

Junior Coaching
Junior coaching sessions will continue until further notice however parents and guardians are asked to remain in their vehicles when arriving or collecting juniors. Juniors are not allowed in the clubhouse except in an emergency. Please contact Louise Hounsell for further advice concerning junior activity at the club.

School Sessions
Subject to their own review process, the local school will currently continue to use the courts on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons however no access to the clubhouse will be allowed from 18 Mar 2020 until further notice.

Kent League Matches
The LTA has suspended activity delivered by the LTA for an initial period up until Monday 23 March when further advice is due to be issued. This suspension includes competitions, consequently, TTC league matches are currently suspended.